invisible gorillas

POSTED IN as a maker, Projects 27.02.2011

Photo Credit: Eric Bandiero

Photo Credit: Eric Bandiero

performed by Kristin Hatleberg

duration, 7.5 minutes

Invisible Gorillas plays with our natural filtering systems and revisits the same dance structure, exploring how everything can be always the same or always different….depending on how you filter and what you notice. I dance for four minutes with the intent of observing and recording as much of the space and my actions as I can. Then, I take two minutes to re-tell what I think just went on. Then, I take one minute to revise and clarify my re-telling. What the audience is left with is a distillation of the material’s essence. They witness the exposure of my filtering systems and get the opportunity to observe the reconstructive mind in action. The title Invisible Gorillas refers to a study, created by cognitive psychologists Chistopher Chabris and Daniel Simons in 1999, that first revealed the potential fallacies of intuition.