Kristin Hatleberg is certified by the Kane School of Core Integration in Pilates mat / apparatus work and holds both a BFA in dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University plus a BA in English Literature from Rutgers College. She has advanced certifications in Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis, Ideokinesis, and Skinner Releasing. Kristin is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, certified through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

Kristin has spent the better part of her life choreographing, dancing, teaching and learning what bodies can do. She’s taught students ages 2 to 91(!) through Pilates, dance, movement improvisation, and as a classroom teacher. Kristin believes that so long as you are living you are learning and infuses sessions with a sense of curiosity and active listening, astutely following the line of inquiry found within the body. Her supplemental education includes continuing explorations into anatomy, kinesiology, Functional Anatomy for Movement Injury (FAMI), Ideokinesis, Skinner Releasing, and somatics. Kristin is a member of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association.

 Here’s what clients are saying…

“I have serious cerival spine issues to maintain and found relief in working with Kristin doing Pilates. After perhaps two weeks with her, I did not need my traction unit anymore, I could turn and move my head again without pain, and my nerve pain in my arm subsided. I want to be able to keep doing all the things that our work together has enabled me to do! I believe Kristin has great familiarity with understanding the human (compromised) apparatus as a whole.”           
Tatiana K.


“Kristin was an amazing Pilates instructor and coach. She took the time to really listen to my goals, what was going on with my body, and adapted her teaching to make sure I truly benefited not just from the instruction but also from tips on how to improve my day-to-day habits. I appreciate how much she cared about my health and cannot recommend her highly enough for all people at all levels of fitness!”
Sloane F.


“Good posture, flexibility, strength, and balance are my goals in Pilates. The classes I’ve taken with Kristin have been especially fulfilling. She has an eye for perfect form, correcting with a gentle yet effective touch of her hand and just the right words so that my body achieves proper alignment. While I’m in a class with others she is mindful of my particular deficiencies, calling for movements that have increased my flexibility and range of motion, and, at the same time, have not over challenged my limitations. Kristin is demanding and has a critical eye, but her manner is warm, gentle, and intimate. Our association has been a great benefit and a great pleasure for me.”
Mary S.


“Kristin always knew when I needed a more restorative day and when I was feeling up to a challenge.  Her expertise nursed me out of acute back pain and her thoughtful demeanor made it a pleasure to show up on the Reformer.”
Sherri G.


“It’s wonderful working with Kristin Hatleberg.  She’s a creative, intuitive and intelligent guide.  Kristin’s deep understanding of movement, strength and anatomy is unique among the other trainers and Alexander, yoga, and Pilates teachers I’ve had over the years.  After working with her, I’ve put into practice small changes that have had big impact on my strength and comfort.  Best of all, every time I worked out with Kristin, I left the session feeling much better than when I started.  She’s great!”

Mona K.


“Kristin Hatleberg is a a wonderful Pilates instructor for me. I am a 68-year-old schoolteacher with a history of hip and sciatic nerve pain. Since January, 2015, every Wednesday, Kristin is ready to teach me new exercises and techniques to deal with my health problems. She is very patient! She is helping me reach my goal of never having sciatic nerve tingling again!! I want to also remain active, work until I want to retire, and play on the floor with my two grandchildren.”

Karan W.


“Kristin has inspired me so much over the past 6 months. She really helped me so much post-physical therapy and taught me so much along the way. I am so happy I got the opportunity to train with her. Eventually, I want to be able to teach Pilates to clients rehabbing from an injury or post-physical therapy, like Kristin. Needless to say, I am going to miss her — stay in Chicago!”
Jenna G.


“I’ve taken classes and private lessons with Kristin, and with her instruction I’ve learned so much about the dynamics of my body. Hallmarks of her teaching –expert observation and positive encouragement– give me the knowledge and confidence to grow in my practice of Pilates. I’m especially happy with the upper-body strength I’ve built, something that felt elusive to me in the past.”
Lori M.