I work with artists of all fields to create full environments – we consider the connections between us and our environs. I focus on those (dis)connections, and I use dance as a filter: To demonstrate possibilities; to accept, control, consider, think, create. The lifespan of each dance is held in the oscillation between perceiving and imagining.

Dance, the physical rendering of all we perceive, offers continual re-education of the body and the mind, of what it means to be human, animal, mortal. Dance is inherently collaborative, because of its visual, aural, social, and kinectic overlaps. In my work I embrace that overlap and strive to create a fully immersive scope in which we feel movement’s pulse.

Presence is the lifeblood of my work. As humans, we naturally absorb our physical surroundings and imprint them on everything we create. Performance is a platform that can offer these imprints as a gesture of how we embody our worlds with choice.

The word for soul in Latin is anima, the root of animal and animated; these are the roots. With active, listening senses I partner movement and place to transmit the physical necessity inherent in living. We are anima – animal, animate. We are alive, we are here.