it took nine days to eat.

POSTED IN as a maker, Projects 27.02.2011

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“it took nine days to eat” is a dance-theater collaboration between myself and Aaron Hodges as co-performers and creators.

The project was made for two evenings of short works curated by choreographer Dean Moss and performed at Brooklyn Arts Exchange in early February of 2011.

In October 2011, the piece was shown in a further developed state at Center for Performance Research as part of their Fall Movement Series. In April 2012 the piece was performed in a newer 20 minute incarnation at Dixon Place‘s Performance Works in Progress series.

it took nine days to eat. abstracts the mental and emotional landscapes of loneliness, fear and the limits of safety. An exploration of terror and it’s subsequent and dynamic release, the work discovers itself in near darkness on a stage lit only by flashlight. Borrowing it’s title from a letter written by cannibal Albert Fish to the mother of his young victim and steeped in the atmospheric travel recordings of audio documentarian Quiet American, it took nine days to eat. bridges the shadowy divide between the unspeakable and the transcendent.