Melinda Ring

POSTED IN as a performer, Projects 8.08.2010

Credit: Paula Court

Melinda Ring/ Special Projects Mouse Auditions
New York City, 2010

Direction: Melinda Ring
Visual Design: Martin Kersels
Dancers : Inka Juslin, Aston Kyle, Moa Hanssen, Elle Erdman, Joey Kipp, Roland Schmidt, Sunder Ashni, Marilyn Maywald, Laura Diffenderfer, Renée Archibald, Rebecca Wender, Jessica Cook, Siobhan Burke, Andy Miyamotto, Nancy Agabian, Ellie Kusner, Ashley Wallace, Kristin Hatleberg, Maria Carlsson, Sarah Sadie Newett, Pennylyn White, George Venson, Jen Harmon, Pedro Jimenez, Wanda Gala, Robert Yahner, Jeremy Olson, Aaron Hodges, Melinda Buckwalter, Hilary Brown, Katie Dorn, Gale Turner, Clyde Forth, Laura Lamp, Eva Schmidt

A performance of an audition for a performance that will never actually occur, staged on Kersel’s sculpture 5 Songs in the Whitney Biennial 2010.