ringing rocks

POSTED IN as a maker, Projects 27.02.2011

direction by Kristin Hatleberg

videography by Yuko Tabeke and Fred Hatt

film editing by Yuko Tabeke and Fred Hatt

movement by Kristin Hatleberg

sound by Jim Smith

The two films Ringing Rocks and Rocks Remember are the result of a collaborative project in which we listened to one source, the rocks, to originate and align all the elements of the film: motion, sound, filming, and editing. The films were created from audio and film recordings taken at the site of Ringing Rocks County Park in Bucks County, PA. All the tones you hear in Ringing Rocks are sound samples collected from the rocks. The filmmakers had access to the same footage to create the two films. Our collective aim was to absorb the moment, capturing the textures of the landscape and the spirit of the environment.

Watch Ringing Rocks edited by Fred Hatt

Watch Rocks Remember edited by Yuko Takebe