the paper trail

POSTED IN as a maker, Projects 27.02.2011

concept and construction by Kristin Hatleberg

development and performance by Kristin Hatleberg and Janet Aisawa

Created 2010 – 2011 for the SB-AdAPT Festival’s Emerging Genre Showcase

What forms when physical residues accumulate? Using my young students’ artwork as inspiration and source material, this performance installation is a reflective embodiment of how we absorb and transform our surroundings. Crafted to be experienced in a non-linear fashion, from any vantage point or many simultaneously, in snippets or meditatively over a long period of time, the performance installation is a canvas for play from which geometrical forms organically manifest. Two performers organically research the geometry of motion and siphon its energetic lines into their exploration of the installation’s materials and space. Their actions cause the installation’s sculptural form to gradually morph and evolve in endless permutation. In this laboratory for play there’s an open invitation extended to viewers: they are the agents of the installation’s change, whether through the performer’s observation or direct interaction.